Your Hopes, Your Goals, Your Dreams….Bonus DVD

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Have you ever needed to describe your entire life’s efforts to serve others into a single message??
Well, here goes….

Since I was in my twenties I have been trying to teach other people how to learn the skills that allows them the freedom to live their hopes, their goals, and their dreams. You know, there is so much more to success than simply doing A, B, C in some kind of order, although there is definitely truth that some skills must be acquired in order to be effective. Today I want to share with you a deeper level of the requirements that true personal success demands to achieve great outcomes in life.

Each of us has just one life to live on this earth. We have exactly the same number of hours in a day to build ourselves, our families, and our communities as every other person. Each person has the choice daily on how he or she spends each moment of their lives. It is your choice to use each day wisely or to spend your time on draining experiences.

The segments of our lives are complex. We have relationships in our lives that must be balanced. The personal, professional, physical, and spiritual segments all affect who we are and who we become. We must learn to balance each of them and hold boundaries on all of them to achieve the dreams of our youth.

There are three elements today that I wish to introduce you to that will begin your personal journey to your hopes, goals, and dreams achievement.

I’d like to give you a glimpse of Volume One: The Hope…

As a child you had hopes in each of the areas of your life. You dreamed dreams of how your life would be. Who you would be. How you would live, and the way in which you would conduct your life. These dreams had fuel, and that fuel was your intent, the “whys” of why you wished for your adult life to turn out that way. The belief that your dreams are achievable are often contaminated as your innocence is peeled away by the world as you grow up. Things sometimes don’t go the way you imagined. As you grew older you began to lose sight of what was important to you. Eventually you may have even become convinced that your dreams could not happen. You may have even achieved your dreams in one or more areas of your life only to find the price paid for that success was too high for your life to balance…for you to live fully your dreams.

I want to help you realize that your dreams were a gift. I want you to take a moment to really remember the life you dreamed of when you were growing up. How does your life today line up to your childhood desires for your adulthood? Where are the areas of your life that you are living your childhood dreams? Where are the areas where there are dreams to be achieved. If I were to ask you today what your Hope for the rest of your life would include, what would your answer be.

The most important part of Hope is that it is just that….faith in a future that isn’t here yet but can be fulfilled through careful balance between the areas of our day that come together to weave our life. Our life management requires that we balance careers, relationships, our health, our personal growth, and our spiritual beliefs in healthy ways, for no one area can overshadow the importance of the others.

There is a Principle of Truth that must be applied to each area of our life… that Truth is measured through the Intent of our actions towards others and towards ourselves.

Volume One :The Hope…

Volume Two: Your Goals-Acquiring the Skills and Action Steps to Measure Performance

Volume Three: Revisiting Your Dreams- The Life you Imagined- Giving of Yourself –Intentional Success

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