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I'm David Cooper and over the last 42 years I've traveled over 9 million miles for the privilege of training over 2,700,000 people on getting the most out of life & business.

*** America's #1 Teacher, Speaker And Trainer For Over 4 Decades! ***

The Greatest Motivational Speakers In History All Agree!

Og Mandino "David, I have been so impressed with your rapid rise in the speaking and training industry! Your wonderful questions have helped so many sales people improve their incomes!" ~ Og Mandino

Tom Hopkins"David Cooper's income training seminars have helped sales people coast to coast! If you ever get a chance to participate in his seminar, DO IT!" ~ Tom Hopkins

Earle Nightingale"David, I congratulate you for having such fantastic seminar content on asking questions! Your word for word scripts and feedback role play are the foundation for income improvement. Best wishes for your continued success!" ~ Earl Nightingale

Les Brown"We're speaking on the same platform???" ~ Les Brown

Norman Vincent Peale "David, It's always such a joy to watch an audience experience your presentation. They certainly are entertained with your humor and charisma, but the decision-getting scripts they learn from you can provide them new income and profits! KEEP THE FAITH!" Dr. Norman Vincent Peale Author, The Power Of Positive Thinking

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